The Hepworth, Wakefield  June 10

The Hepworth Wakefield proved to be a super location for the first outdoor day of 2017.

The venue and facilities were excellent, and we were provided with our own studio for sketching and painting. Drawing pads and pencils were allowed in the main gallery, so members could sketch as they explored and admired the works exhibited there.

Although the day got off to a very wet and rainy start, for the 12 members present, the weather started to improve by lunchtime. This gave some members the opportunity to brave the outdoors and paint and sketch scenes around the Hepworth Gallery. The  Chantry Chapel of St Mary and the Hepworth Gallery building were two popular scenes.

Everyone enjoyed a very pleasant and well organised day, thanks to John! and there were some good pieces of work produced, from both inside and outside the gallery.


20170610 1 KH 20170610 2 KW 20170610 Karen W 20170610 5 RS 20170610 4 SW 20170610 7 DW 20170610 3 CW 20170610 8 KL 20170610 6 RI 20170610 9 BG