Saturday challenge

Instead of Saturday meetings, a challenge task will be offered every two weeks by Jo Sykes, Syllabus Secretary

1. Abstract in colour

Rachel S abstract collage

Rachel Sykes

Linda D abstract challenge

Linda Downs

Shirley Waddington

David SW abstract ch Shirley W abstract ch 1 Shirley W abstract ch 2

David Whiting

Jo Sykes

Kay F abstract

Kay France

Jo Sykes Abstract ch Vivienne Brown abstract cr Kath Atkinson abstract

Vivienne Brown

Kath Atkinson

Barbara G abstract 1 Barbara G abstract 3 Barbara G abstract 2

Barbara Goodall

Pauline Williamson abstract

Pauline Williamson

Beryl C abstract

Beryl Conroy

2. House portraits

Bob H House portrait Jo S house

Bob Hryndyj

Jo Sykes

Britta A abstract 1

Britta Atkinson

Nina B house

Nina Bensley

Carol W house

Carol Wood