Portrait swap - a members' activity

PSw JMcF by RR PSw DW by NP PSw JS by LD

John Macfarlan by

Richard Roads

David Whiting by

Nigel Proud

John Steadman by

Laura Davies

PSw ME by SC PSw MM by RH PSw NP by DW PSw RB by OK

Matthew Evans by

Stefan Collings

Mary McKenzie by

Ruth Hellawell

Ralph Baker by

Olwen Kitson

PSw JS by LDo PSw RH by MM

Nigel Proud by

David Whiting

John Steadman by

Linda Downs

Ruth Hellawell by

Mary McKenzie

PSw OK by RB PSw RI by LDa PSw RR by JMcF

Olwen Kitson by

Ralph Baker

Robert Ingham by

Laura Davies

Richard Roads by

John Macfarlan

PSw SC by ME PSw SW by LDo

Stefan Collings by

Matthew Evans

Shirley Waddington by

Linda Downs

PSw LDo by SW jpg

Linda Downs by

Shirley Waddington

PSw KF by PM PSw LD by JS PSw SD by JS

Kay France by

Peter McGowan

Laura Davies by

John Steadman

Sophie Davies by

John Steadman

BG by HW JB by VT HW by BG

Barbara Goodall by

Hamish Webster

Judith Bleazard by

Val Turner

Hamish Webster by

Barbara Goodall

PM by KF LDa-by-RI VT by JB TF by BH

Peter McGowan by

Kay France

Laura Davies by

Robert Ingham

Val Turner by

Judith Bleazard

Trevor Ferguson by

Bob Hryndyj

An outstanding turnout of 30 members joined us on April 22 for the results of the portrait swap. This has proved to be an exciting and interesting experience for the members who took part. Some excellent pieces of work were produced in a variety of mediums. Each member said a few words about their portrait, some were experienced portrait painters, others not so experienced, but everyone made positive and encouraging comments. We would like to say a big thank you to John Steadman for organising the event.