'Lockdown' activities

When it became clear that members could not meet for the foreseeable future, we organised 'challenges' which members work on at home and, if they wish, send their images in, to be seen by both other members and external visitors.  Here is a small selection of the recent work; please visit our new website to see a full collection.

Portrait challenges

(the portrait group normally meets every Monday evening

Carol Wood kitchen Linda D part self portrait Jo S smiley face Kin L self biro

Saturday challenges

(Saturday meetings are normally held fortnightly beitweeen September and May)

Jo S glass David SW House Rachel S abstract collage

30 day challenges

In this activity especially for this period, members are set a subject to be drawn or painted every day for a month.

Rachel S 30 day 1 Sue B 30 sea DSW something to eat Shirley W 30 day edi