Hamer Award 2018

This year's Hamer Award winners are:

Shelley College: Rosa Lowry, Molly Vaughan

New College: Mukesh Singh, Rebecca Gilbert

Greenhead College: Sally Jennings, Kittty Cameron



The meeting opened with David Whiting (President) presenting the 2018 Hamer Awards to six outstanding students.


Shelley College

Rosa Lowry has a keen interest in Surrealism, life drawing and figures, she based her exam project on the special relationship between mother and child.

Molly Vaughan has explored life drawing and is enthusiastic about figures and movement. Her final piece focused on women being oppressed and controlled in society.


New College

Mukesh Singh demonstrated some excellent worked based around figures, eye reflection and skin tone. He is already accepting commissions online for portraits.

Rebecca Gilbert is very talented and enjoys painting and portraiture. Using the theme of colour, she developed the idea of projecting images on to a portrait of her friend.


Greenhead College

Sally Jennings is a very creative abstract painter, and explained how she paints using colours to portray something of herself. She feels music and art go hand in hand.

Kitty Cameron is highly creative, enjoys abstract but keeps going back to objects. She demonstrated how her art work is inspired by her dreams.

Saturday February 10th

The students presented their work to Society members:

A selection of students' displays viewed by members and visitors:

Hamer 18 01 Hamer 18 02 Hamer 18 03 Hamer 18 04 Hamer 18 05 Hamer 18 06 IMG_0037 Hamer 18 09 Hamer 18 10 Hamer 18 11 Hamer 18 08

The meeting continued with a presentation from Diane Barker. Diane is a member of Huddersfield Art Society and has followed a professional career in art, inspired by her secondary school teacher. Although art was her main focus, she had a keen interest in looking after people and currently teaches children with autism.

Her career has been varied and interesting. She starting out working for a magazine company, then moved to London, where she freelanced whilst working with people with special needs. Diane then moved to Spain and worked as a commercial artist for six years. After returning to England she went back to University and moved into teaching Graphics.