121st Annual Exhibition



The Exhibition is now on in Galleries 3 and 4 at Huddersfield Art Gallery until October 28th 2017. Members submitted work for selection by artist and art historian David Stockwell, from which 108 were selected.

Prizes have been awarded for pictures in the following categories:

Selector's choice of best picture

Selector's choice of best portrait or life study from observation of a model

Best Picture by a First Time Exhibitor (selected by Stuart Hoyle, Calder Graphics)

Picture selected for Imagination and Creativity (selecetd by Grant Scanlon, Huddersfield Art Gallery)

The visiting public will be invited to vote for their favourite picture, the winner also receiving an award at the end of the Exhibition.

Winning pictures will be used on next year's publicity.

The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm except until 7pm on Thursday.

Last year's award winners:

Kin Lee Buxton-Spa.KinLee Carol W .leslie Nigel P dad

Kin Lee  'Buxton High Street'

Eleanor Sykes Award - Selector's choice

Carol Wood 'Nude study'

Pat Pridmore Award - best life drawing or portrait study

Nigel Proud 'Terence Edward Proud'

Calder Graphics Award - best picture by a new exhibitor